Payment Plan Options and Policies for Sew Victorian

I understand that bespoke corsets can be taxing on a persons budget. I would like to make this process and painless as possible, therefor I am offering a payment plan.  I will not begin to work on your commission until 50% of the total cost is received.  I will however accept deposits as low as 10% of the cost of your item.  Should this not work for you please contact me and I will see if I can help you in any way.


We can set up a payment schedule that fits your needs, I will send you pay pal requests, equalling the amounts we agreed to on your payment schedule, at the scheduled times we agreed upon.  Once 50% of the cost of your item is paid I can then begin the process to create what you wish to have.


To begin work on your item I will need the following from you:  50% of the cost of your item, you final and complete set of measurments, your final selection of embellishments and information required from their selections and a final fabric selection.  Once all these decisions are made, I will being working on your commission.  If this is not received in a timely manner, it will greatly affect the delivery date of your item.  My time frame for completion is 4-8 weeks on corsets (until 1/11/16 then new commissions will not start until the new studio is built in 2018-2019. This also applies to current mock ups that are out and not received by 1/11/16), with all information and payments received within 24 hours of the request of a commession.  If you are on a payment plan that would be within 24 hours of the 50% deposit being received.  Anything longer will affect the delivery date.


For a waist training corset :

Should you decide to do a 50% deposit, I will start your mock up (corset or otherwise).  I will then mail you your mock up, which you will do the fitting and any changes you want.  Then mail it back to me.  When I get it back, I will send you a pay pal invoice for the final payment.  Once that is received then I will begin working on your final product. To have your item shipped from here in a timely manner, I need it back in my studio within 7 days of it leaving.


For fashion corsets, the process is a bit different and is outlined here:

Once I receive your 50% deposit, and the same information as above I will begin working on your corset.  Once your pattern is drafted and ready to be cut out, I will send you a payment request for your final payment or payment plan amounts.  Once the total amount of your final payment is received I will cut your fabric and make your corset.  Delivery time is 4-6 weeks which depends upon how timely the payments and information is received.


To use the payment plan and deposit amounts on my website please use the following codes which are highligted in bold text:

Payment Plan 10  -- this is 10% of the cost of the item.  I will contact you to set up a payment plan.  No work will begin until 50% of the cost is received as well as all needed information.  We will also discuss when final payments are needed.


Payment Plan 25  -- this is 25% of the cost of the item. I will contact you to set up a payment plan.  No work will begin until 50% of the cost is received as well as all needed information.  We will discuss when final payments are required.


Deposit 50 -- This is a 50% cost depoist of your bespoke item.  Therefore as soon as I receive all needed information from you I will begin to work on your custom made item.  We will also discuss when final payments are needed.


CustomPaymentPlan -- I suggest this option after you and I have spoken about your item and we will set up a custom payment plan.  I will work with you on the frequency of payments and amounts.  Should you wish to pay more at any time that is fine.  Using this option allows you get have all your bespoke item selections made and into our work load line.


In order to stick to my delivery time frame, I need to receive your mock ups back to me, in my hands, from 7 days from the day I shipped it to you.  Anything longer will affect your final delivery date.


All payments to Sew Victorian are NON REFUNDABLE.

Any client who is more than two scheduled payments behind runs the risk of having her order cancelled without a refund. If you come into a rough spot, I will work with you if you let me know ahead of time. I do explicitly expect any change or delay of payment to be caught up on at the agreed upon time. If this is not done no further consideration will be given. Any completed corset not picked up within 60 days will be considered an abandoned project and no refunds will be given unless arrangements for an extended storage is set up. I will try to contact clients 5 times before I consider an in process project abandoned by the client due to lack of communication and as such no refunds will be given.